So every year I have a fitness goal. Several years ago it was triathlons. Fun, but I hate running. Last year it was a 10 mile mud run called Turbo X. Fun, but still running. Which I hate. This year was to do unassisted chin ups, failed miserably (still trying however and biceps looking good).  2013 I would like to enter a strongwoman type competition in July.

These are the events for women.

  • Log Clean and Press 75s – Females 35kg
  • Farmers Walk for distance (with a turn) – Females 40kg each hand
  • Deadlift- for max reps  –Females 80kg Trap Bar
  • Truck Pull 30 metres for time-Females – Nissan Navara
  • Surprise Event…You will love it 🙂

How much fun does that sound?


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One thought on “Why?

  1. […] for October down in Fareham, details are sketchy at the moment but as i can’t now do the competition in July (friends wedding, woohoo!) I needed something else to focus on for my training. I am going to write […]

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