Eating clean but not to get lean…

So in addition to entering a strongwomen competition I am also cleaning up the way my family eats. This is not a Diet. I repeat this is not a Diet. If you are here to get some weight-loss tips then you are in the wrong place. I would recommend you check out the anti-jared on facebook, his statuses are how you lose weight (and no he doesn’t do weight loss tips either).

Anyway back to me. I don’t need to lose weight (and no I am not size 10 with visible abs).  I do need to feel alive at 4pm still, clear up my skin, sleep well and feel great. These things are what is important to me.  I want people to realise you do not have to have a flat stomach to be healthy or attractive or like yourself.

Last summer DrZ and I experimented with Primal, which he loved (mostly due to the predominance of meat) and still (loosely) follows as much as possible. I liked most of the principles and felt great on it, but as with most things fell off the wagon with just one biscuit.  I have discovered (well have known for a while now, about 20 years) I can’t have just one biscuit, or one piece of cake, or a couple of crisps but have tried to follow the everything in moderation line as much as possible. Well this is going to stop. Seeing as I can’t have one I have decided to try and not have any. Not having one has to be easier (for me) than stopping at one (which has proved, repeatedly, to be impossible). The bad for you thing I can have and stop at one is booze, so that stays (hurrah).

I am hoping this blog will give me some accountability and some space to air some thoughts, not all of them compatible with how you might think a PT thinks and acts – but we are only human.


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