The first cravings….

I have given up sugar for 13 days now, one day more and I’ve made a fortnight. Whilst there have been instances (2) in the last few days where I’ve wanted chocolate it has been an emotional response to arguing with DrB. Today, right now, is the first time I have craved sugar. I want a big old cup of milky tea and a packet of biscuits (and twitter for company). All I can tell myself is that past experience shows eating biscuits/cake/chocolate will make me feel worse in an hours time, especially as I don’t know what is causing the craving (I am going to take a wild stab at tired however). Eating sugar won’t fix what is wrong, when I’ve finished the packet because I can’t eat just one the only thing that will have changed is that I am sitting in front of an empty packet. So instead I am going to make my childrens supper, do the washing up (and of course continue hanging out on twitter) as I know by squashing this craving next time it will be a little easier.



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