Royal Counties Festival of Strength

So after the last post I procrastinated a little bit more and then information about this event landed in facebook…

Royal Counties Festival of Strength

Venue BCA College Maidenhead
Dates 27th and 28th April

1-Landrover arm over arm pull- 20 meters
2-Log snooker 45kg oly bar(1 point), 55kg log trainer(3 points), 65kg log(5 points)
3-110 kg deadlift reps
4-3 flips of tyre(200kg) 150kg yoke 15 meters or Fingals finger
5-60kg farmers for distance

Now several points, I don’t know what log snooker or log trainer even are and my current one rep max for deadlifts is 85kg.  Oh and it’s in April which is 3 months away. Whilst I don’t have any lofty ideas of winning anything (ever) I at least want to be able to participate in each event. With a strength coach and regular access to a gym I am sure I would be able to pull it off, but by myself? Not so sure.

The deadline for entry is 5th April. I very much doubt I will make that but  (hopefully) someone I met on Twitter is competing and I hope to go watch (babysitting permitting)

However it did make me pull on my converse and hit the gym this morning for a great deadlift session mixed in with some conditioning work. The deadlift area doesn’t have mirrors and I’m pretty sure I am not engaging my butt or hamstrings properly so I’m off to read how to engage the glutes!!



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