Sugar won’t fix the problem

So I didn’t make it to the class last night, I dithered and then got dizzy walking up the stairs so decided throwing heavy(ish) weights around wasn’t a good idea. DrH has both monday and thursday off next week (oh the luxury) so should make both classes.

Instead DrH made me watch Red Nose Celebrity GBBO, and they were making biscuits….Thanks DrH, I am sick and at low ebb but yes I will sit there and watch people make gorgeous chocolate creations THAT I CAN’T EAT. Then this morning, whilst still at deaths door, a so-called Twitter friend start discussing banana bread with me – the full fat versions as she does not have coconut flour apparently (I mean who doesn’t have coconut flour in their kitchen…).

Joking aside it’s becoming slowly easier to resist sugar because at the end of whatever thought process I am having I know it won’t make me feel better, in fact it will make me feel worse. So I had marmite on white bread with a large mug of tea. Comfort food. And it did.

Come on then, test me to my limits – what is your favouite biscuit? I should warn you first you are all wrong as the Mighty Jam Sandwich Cream is Queen.


Jam Sandwich Cream

Source: Jam Sandwich Cream discussed by The Great British Diet website


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