Erm does Pasanda count?

Spent lovely weekend at parents, I am very lucky that they live 5 minutes walk from the beach. I am also one of those horrible parents who believe fresh air is character building so my kids get dragged out rain/shine/snow to admire the waves.


Daughter deciding she has had enough and going home. With or without us.

All 2 of you who are following me know I am trying to cut sugar out of my food, supper on Saturday was Pasanda out of a jar (my parents thought I would be bored of the excellent home made from scratch thai curry they usually serve, parents are odd).

Pasanda has added sugar in it which got me thinking how strict am I going to be? It’s easy avoiding sweet things that have sugar in them, but savoury as well? At home this isn’t a problem I try not to cook with jars/packets/sauces but out and about?  Anyway, I ate the pasanda, it was nice, not as nice as home made Thai Curry. A feedback form will be sent.

Tonight I am actually going to get to the kettlebell class, DrS is at home AND I’m feeling better. I am SO excited it’s been over 2 weeks since I went to the first.  Gird your loins for postings about how sore I feel tomorrow.

Curry – home-made or out of a jar? 


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