Princess Knees

So today is the first of Febrary, a pinch and a punch for the first of the month and no sugar for me 😉

Last nights strength and conditioning class saw the shoulders being targeted using mainly bodyweight exercises.  This consisted of a LOT of press ups and variations of.  I faceplanted many,many times and that was on my knees!!! My shoulders today are fine (just wait until tomorrow…), however my knees are bruised, I appear to have Princess knees. The sooner I get strong enough to do full push ups the better.

A friend on twitter pointed out this fantastic idea from blogger Hanne Blank in which she urges you to try what she calls a new body practice for just 100 days. She explains in detail here Spend 100 Days With Me.  This came along at a great time as one of the exercises we practiced last night was a version of downward dog into raising cobra (erm I think they are the yoga names). As well as a good strength exercise they are a good stretch so my new body practice is to practice doing 5 of them a day.

Mega weekend planned. We are abandoning the kids to the (very tender) mercies of the grandparents and heading to London for some England/Scotland rugby action at Twickers followed by drinks with some girls I played rugby with at Uni who are a great laugh and great friends.

Have you got anything fun planned for the weekend?


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