The one where I made Slow Cooker Yogurt.

YESTERDAY I MADE YOGURT IN MY SLOW COOKER?!?!? How cool is that? Tesco had Organic Full Fat Milk (*getsmegaphoneout FAT IS NOT AN EVIL WORD *putsmegaphoneaway) on the reduced shelf and I have been wanting to try making my own for a while without having to buy a yogurt maker. Both my kids are yogurt monsters and I would like to be able to give them natural yogurt with strawberry puree (strawberries are very cheap in freezer section). This is just an experiment, I have no doubt I will be back to buying natural yogurt within a week due to laziness. However £1.70 for just over 3 pints of organic natural yogurt is not to be sneezed at – next time (!hah!) will buy cheesecloth and then can make greek yogurt then I really will be saving ££. This is the recipe I used

Home made yogurt! Get me!

Home made yogurt! Get me!

Back to exercise. So far my weeks exercise looks like this

  • 2 strength & conditioning classes mainly using kettlebells
  • 2/3 sessions Hip Flexibilty & Glute Activation sessions
  • 7 sessions Downward dog/Rising Cobra
  • 1 Core session (tacked to one of the 2/3 sessions above depending on timing)

I also have a 30 min child free period after my Friday morning class where I am already in the park so that is going to be 30mins doing hill sprints and using the playground equipment to practice chin ups (I have a pullum band for assistance).  Somewhere I need to insert press ups as I bloody hate not being able to do full ones and for these it’s just practice, practice, practice.

Still not specific strongwoman training, but I’m still ok with that I’m fixing some things and making others stronger and, most importantly, not seeing it as a chore.

When you stop enjoying exercise what do you do to make it fun again?


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One thought on “The one where I made Slow Cooker Yogurt.

  1. Sinéad February 7, 2013 at 5:18 pm Reply

    Love the arty piccy! I’ve not thought of making yogurt, great idea, it can be so expensive and loaded with sugar!

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