Exercise is not a luxury.

“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survivial.” Audre Lorde

This came up in my facebook timeline the same week as I read 2 blogs written by people who look after small children saying they either didn’t get any or had very limited time for themselves.

I have 2 young children one is 2 and still at home most of the time and 1 is in reception at school.

The thing is I don’t see exercise as a luxury, it’s not the first thing that goes when time is tight (that’s the housework). Looking after myself, not so I look good in a bikini, but so that I can run, play, keep up with the kids AND feel great IS important. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Here are 50 bodyweight exercises you can do at home

Bodyweight Exercises you can do anywhere

Today I am not going to get a chunk of time to myself but I know I can find 4 5min interludes during the next 12 hours. I am not even going to get changed out of my jeans and hoody to do these, just set a timer, do the 5 minutes and probably have a cup of tea afterwards.

1st 5 mins: 30 secs skipping, 30 secs plank repeat 5 times

2nd 5mins: 30 secs burpees, 30 secs push ups repeat 5 times

3rd 5mins: 30 secs inchworm, 30 secs plank repeat 5 time

4th 5mins: 30 secs mountain climbers, 30 secs push ups

5th 5mins: 30 secs inchworm, 30 secs plank repeat 5 time

For those list makers out there these have been written down and stuck on the fridge where I will cross them out as an added bonus.

Now I am not good at motivational writing and if you have an internal hatred of exercise this short post is not going to change your mind. However finding time for yourself to do something you enjoy is important whoever you are. Please give yourself permission to be the most important person in the house, not occasionally, but for at least for 5 minutes every day.

(however as a final thought maybe if people stopped seeing exercise as a way of looking good in a swimsuit and therefore a necessary evil, and more as a way to feel AMAZING then they wouldn’t hate it as much)

Do you make sure you get time to yourself?


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