Starting to put a plan in motion and a small rant.

So Friday morning DrG finishes his 6 month rotation at Brighton which is at best a 80 minute commute… Monday he starts his final 5 months training at Frimley which is 15minutes down the road (apparently he is going to bike….).

It is time to look for a new gym. My old gym had a creche but the wrong equipment for what I would like to accomplish. With DrGs new place of work and shifts I am hoping he will be able to child watch whilst I head to the gym and (of course) vice-versa, which means I can look for a gym which can help me achieve my goals. There is a new crossfit gym in Aldershot and I am very very tempted however my desire to do a strongwoman competition is, well, strong. And I think I have identified just the place to help me…..

On an unrelated note I have just got back from Tesco where I have noticed Jammie Wagon Wheels cost £1 for 6 whilst Gala Apples cost £2 for 6. This makes me so cross. I don’t think the idea of a tax on low nutrition food* is a good one, it will penalise everyone who hasn’t currently got access to a large supermarket (and I say large because the metro/express etc versions tend to stock the more expensive brands to start with) whilst not necessarily making high nutrition food* accessible or economically viable.  Not sure what the answer is really. Suggestions?

*I say low nutrition food rather than high calorie or high fat food because high calorie or high fat is not necessarily bad for you (the avocado) whilst a low fat yogurt laden with artificial sweetners or a Jammie Wagon Wheel is.


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