Has anyone got a spare baseball cap?

So this morning I am off to the gym. Post the coached session on Thursday I wrote down the warm up we did and his recommendation to do 5×5 Squat and then some shoulder presses in my next session. I’m hoping to follow that almost to the letter.

I’ve been going to gyms for years so I don’t know why I feel nervous about this morning. Maybe because I feel out of my depth, silly for wanting to do this, to get strong. Worried I am going to do things wrong. It’s not because I have no support from home, DrJ is 100% behind my goals (anything for a quiet life*).

I have been talking (on twitter, yes it still counts) with some woman who lift heavy, they are allowed to talk the talk (or wear LBEB gear or Gym Rat Inc gear) because they already walk the walk. They post amazing progress pics and are proud of their achievements. And they should be. I have a long way to go.

I hate not knowing what I am doing, the fact people might be watching and judging that I’ve only put 5kg plates on the bar (yeah get over myself, I know they are not that they really couldn’t give a shit, but it’s getting rid of the feeling they are)

However there is literally no way on earth I am going to try spiderman if there is one other living soul in the gym. Everyone has their limits.

And then after that I have to go and sit thru Tinkerbell the film. To be honest I am not sure which part of the morning I am going to need greater strength for. 😉

*I joke but he is genuinely supportive of whatever I try and do.

POSTSCRIPT: It was fine, of course. Sometimes I tend to overthink things . I did my session but in only 1 of the actual squats did I think oo oo oo I think I’ve just engaged my hamstrings (rather than let my quads do all the work which is happening at the moment). It will come with time. And practice.
Tinkerbell was dire, her long lost sister was anorexic. I listened to podcasts during the whole thing.


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