Suck it up buttercup…

Note: I originally posted this on the evening of 11th March. I know I did as I had a convo about it with someone on Twitter but then the post disappeared and showed up in the dashboard as half done and unpublished. It wasn’t a set the world on fire post anyway (well the top was fantastic and so were the blog links so I am going to include them again) so I am going to write a bit more about what I am going to be doing for the next month or so.

So the program I am going to be following is a 2 session programme which can be found here

 March 7th Progressive Strength article

Each session is going to take me about 90minutes (certainly to start with) which is much longer than I would usually spend in the gym at one time but then I would spend more sessions per week in a gym. If that makes sense. Having discussed with DrH we think we can fit it into his shift pattern as it’s only twice a week. Add on to that a conditioning class and a run.

So from next Monday this is what I am hoping my week will look like exercise wise

  • Session 1 – Deadlifts/Bench press/accessory work
  • Session 2 – Squats/Presses/accessory work
  • Session 3 – Conditioning class, either lower body or upper body depending on which evening I can make
  • Session 4 – 30 min run 

There are of course going to be hiccups, DrH doing night shifts, children being ill etc but I hope to follow it as closely as possible to start seeing some increase in the weights I can manage.

Some blog posts I have liked this week

I love this top. I would wear it for squat sessions. I fucking hate squats.  Or you could pull it on when your 4 yr old started to whine. Multi-tasking top, worth every penny.

If you are lucky enough to live in the states you can get it here

What piece of fitness clothing are you currently coveting?


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