Sunshine, bench press, FOOD & bikinis

So todays blog is just going to be some random thoughts from today.

Firstly – how good does the sun feel? Don’t know what it is but the sun makes everything easier?

Anyway, this morning I was taught how to bench press. It was great, and in no way similar to how I’ve been taught to bench press before. For those of you interested in the technical stuff as well as my ramblings here is a video series the coach sent me after the session. His only comment with the video was “Set up with heels on ground though as opposed to on toes.”

Out of all the moves, this is probably the one I am going to struggle with the most (not dislike, I reserve that for the squat, but in terms of form). I find it (at the moment) an uncomfortable position, and no-one likes being uncomfortable. All that really means is shut the fuck up and practice, practice, practice. Oh and I really want that Prepare, Perform, Prevail hoody he is wearing.

This was my lunch. The ONLY thing that could have improved it was broccolli instead of cabbage. Why have I got a photo of my food?  Because I am mean and occasionally take photos of my lunch and send it to DrG when I know he will be having something like sandwiches.

Bacon (4), Eggs (2), Avocado (1), Cabbage (1/2)

Bacon (4), Eggs (2), Avocado (1), Cabbage (1/2)

Every year I want to have the confidence to wear a bikini, my stomach isn’t flat and my thighs are rugby playeresqe (even in a swimsuit your thighs are still on display) but it’s not the right figure I need. I reckon even with a model figure I still wouldn’t have the confidence to wear one (I have got close in the past with a bikini top, shorts combo). So yeah along with increasing my physical strength this year I would like to increase my confidence enough to wear a bloody bikini. In that train of thought I love this post. Click on the image to go to the post.

Bidet, mate.

Does your mood magically pick up with the sun? Which is your most struggled with exercise?


3 thoughts on “Sunshine, bench press, FOOD & bikinis

  1. Nicola Joyce March 14, 2013 at 2:56 pm Reply

    Flat barbell bench. And chin ups (wide grip).

    You would look ace in a bikini or swimsuit because you are ace so that’s just how things are 🙂 #fact

  2. Helen Rothwell March 14, 2013 at 5:25 pm Reply

    ooo chin ups, I would LOVE to be able to do chin ups (any grip), being able to do those must be very cool.

    thank you that’s a lovely thing to say, it all comes down to mental attitude doesn’t it.

  3. […] that time of the year where thoughts turn to bikinis (I have already mentioned it here) and every magazine has the bikini ready diet (actually I have no idea if they do as I don’t […]

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