Easter Exercise, Easter Crafts and Easter Bonnets

I am SO looking forward to today, DrM and I managed to rework the day so we both get to the gym this morning and then we are going to throw the kids in the car with a picnic and head to an Easter Egg Trail for the kids over at Witley Common. So gym followed by long walk with the family. Awesome. Only problem is I woke up with DOMs from Thursday night class so I am not sure which muscle is left to work. I might just go and play. Whilst getting stronger is important to me, enjoying exercise is still the overriding goal.

This week I have managed to get all the major lifts done (squats, deadlifts, bench press and military press) plus an upper body strength and conditioning class (in which I got to play with a log for the first time, and managed to chin myself with it, probably not for the last time). I  think I missed a new PR for the deadlift because I didn’t use a mixed grip, I need to learn to pay attention to the details.

Yesterday my 4 year old declared it a PJ day so we got the crafts out, I read some blogs and this was the end result.


If you fancy having a go these 2 sites were were inspiration

As a non maternal, Art GCSE failing mother I was feeling quite happy with the result. However tomorrow I have to make Easter Bonnets for the kids and haven’t got a clue where to start. Anyone with any EASY ideas? At the moment all I have thought of is cutting out lots of rabbits and sticking them on a baseball cap. See I told you art failing…

P.S If this post makes us sound like The Waltons (long walk, craft) we are not, I also banned the PS2 from the house for an indefinite period yesterday as think my son has an unhealthy obsession with it (major meltdown as you can imagine) and had an argument with DrM about my tone of voice in a discussion about EGGS.

Update: I deadlifted 100kg at the gym during my “play” session #boom

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