It doesn’t always work…

I got to the gym tonight, a bit uncertain on what to do, a plan was made to concentrate on bench press and then do a small circuit of assisted tricep dip, bicep curls, tricep pushdown and reverse curl. 10 reps for each exercise, 5 circuits. This would mean I would be fine for the S&C class tomorrow. Good plan. However…

….the bench press just didn’t work tonight. I couldn’t get the position right, something felt off in my upper back, blah, blah, blah blah. I jacked the bench press in half way thru and just did the circuits. 

I got some advice from the coach which should help next time but I couldn’t help feeling a bit despondent about what I consider a wasted session. And I don’t get enough sessions to waste one.

However this was just one small part of my day. I had a LOVELY morning with my 2 year old and then came home and read this post The Hawkeye Initiative in Real Life. Man that post is just all kinds of awesome.

And tomorrow, tomorrow I am going to go and smash that S&C class….


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