Fuck the thigh gap I pressed a 45kg log this evening, now that was a thing of beauty.

Ahem. It’s sentences like that which get me search terms such as “publik fuken” (I actually went on google and used that search term, I wasn’t in the first 6 pages so someone obviously had a lot of free time on their hands).

It was Strength and Conditioning Class evening tonight and we did a circuit of log press, axel and dumbell snatch (1 rep of each, weight going up each time). Then when we had maxed out on weight we dropped them and went for AMRAP in 1 minute for 30kg log press, 25kg axel and (for me) 15kg dumbell. That was done twice, by which time I was a sweaty mess and this thought kept popping into my head

I’ve probably used this ecard before. I love it.

I also bought a handbag

I dream of the day I only have to carry a purse, diary, keys and phone. Until then….

I’m not a shoe person, my husband has my shoes than me, however I do like handbags.

Two PBs, a handbag and nearly the end of half term. It was a good day.

Boast about your awesome moments this week in the comments section below.


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8 thoughts on “FORTY FIVE…..

  1. babyeaterlifts May 30, 2013 at 9:28 pm Reply

    Well, there was that time this week where I squatted a PR and then my spotter yelled at me to do another rep with it and I did. That was possibly one of the top awesome moments of 2013 thus far, actually. Also awesome: eating at Longhorn Steakhouse last night. I have a shameful love for chain steakhouses.

  2. babyeaterlifts May 30, 2013 at 9:46 pm Reply

    Thanks for the link, Helen! Man, that was a fun day in the gym. Today was too. I try to make most of them fun..sometimes I can’t quite pull it off, but I’m working on making EVERY time in there fun. Sometimes I think about it as too much of a “job”–that’s how seriously I take my training. My boyfriend and training partner holds me accountable for having fun in the gym as much as concentrating on perfecting everything.

    • Helen Rothwell May 31, 2013 at 7:58 am Reply

      As it’s not your job I think it’s really important to enjoy it otherwise you will start to find excuses not to do it.
      I would probably do your head in as I occasionally go to the gym with the express purpose of just milling around and clearing my head (yeah I workout but not with any purpose, just for the sake of it)

      • babyeaterlifts May 31, 2013 at 4:03 pm

        I actually have a day like that too! I call it the “extra/rest day,” and I implemented it for the exact reason you speak of here. It gives me flexibility, an opportunity to do something in the gym if I FEEL like it, and it is a day in my programming that is a possible rest day if I feel my body needs it that day. You see, I LOVE order, routine, control. I actually am one of the most likely people to adhere to lifting/any kind of schedule you’ll probably find. It’s sometimes the only thing I feel like I draw stability from in a life I otherwise feel a bit adrift within. I’m working on that last bit–it’s not incredibly healthy–but man, I will stick to a schedule and a program if it KILLS me because that is one of few things that keeps my anxiety under control. Kind of sad, really.

  3. Caitlin May 31, 2013 at 12:08 am Reply

    I love that you are like, I lifted a billion pounds today…I bought a handbag. 🙂

    I’m glad you said “awesome moments of this week” because today was sadly an awesome-free day. But I did swim 2,500 yds in an hour two days ago, which was both the fastest and the longest I’d ever swam (swum?) before. That was pretty sweet. Also, I did an on-air thing for the TV news station I work for and I did not suck, so that was cool, too.

    • Helen Rothwell May 31, 2013 at 8:01 am Reply

      I just had to translate 2500yards into English (1.4 miles!) and wow that’s a long swim, bet you came out feeling (exhausted but also) top of the world!
      Is working in front of the camera something you want to do long-term? I think I would be like a cat in headlights!

      • Caitlin May 31, 2013 at 12:51 pm

        I felt fantastic after the swim. So calm and peaceful, and then I went home that night and slept like a newborn. <3<3 swimming <3<3

        Being on-air is NOT something I have any desire to do, but I am always willing to try new things, so I have gone on the air a few times, sometimes as an expert, sometimes as a reporter. It's an interesting experience. I'm better as a writer though. 🙂

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