Hurrah, hurrah, it’s a holi, holiday…..

Hurrah I’m off on holiday today. I hoped to get a gym session in first but it’s just not going to happen inbetween the packing and panicing about what I have forgotten.
There is no gym where we are going (however it is a farm so there maybe a spare tyre lying around 😉 ) There is a slight tendency for me to think “OMFG I’m going to LOSE ALL my gains I have made in the last few months”. However there is part of me that is thinking thank fuck it’s time for a rest. My achilles tendon kills me everytime I come downstairs, my knees wake up aching and it would be quite nice for all the bruises to go away.
I know there are arguments in the fitness world about overtraining, deload weeks blah blah and I’m not claiming to be over training but I think my body just needs a rest. By choice it wouldn’t be this long (10days out of the gym) but I am going to take a kettlebell, a foam roller and some resistance bands with me, and of course there are always bodyweight exercises!


One thought on “Hurrah, hurrah, it’s a holi, holiday…..

  1. Tara June 17, 2013 at 7:15 pm Reply

    Have a great holiday!

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