Tomorrow will come.

You know all those motivational quotes urging you to start today and not put it off until tomorrow. Well yeah I’m putting it off until tomorrow. After awesome holiday fun…..

What counts as awesome fun when you are 37, married with 2 children...

What counts as awesome fun when you are 37, married with 2 children…

…..I came home to be struck down by horrific hayfever/cold and then had a hen do to attend and today the sun is out and have spent the day in the garden with my gorgeous family and some friends. Yeah excuses, excuses but you know enjoying life is a good excuse as far as I am concerned (bit of defensiveness there, ahem)

But TOMORROW. TOMORROW the countdown begins. 6 weeks (well 5 weeks and 5 days) until competition time. Game face ON.

I am hoping. HOPING I haven’t lost any strength in 2 weeks. I know I haven’t lost the niggle to my achilles tendon which is pissing me off. Before I went the only event it really troubled me in was the yoke walk so I am hoping that is still the case.  I am doing lots of stretching and mobilisation on it but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Anyway. For those of you who know me IRL!!!! and have heard my cereal is EVIL rant (probably more than once) will know how much I love this article

The Sleazy Story of Cereal (thanks to @thefitwriter for tweeting the link)

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends 🙂


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