Week 1, Day 2. Ouch.

I am aiming for 4 gym sessions a week before the comp so I am doing a 2 week programme 3 times. If that makes sense. One week will concentrate on weight whilst the next will be speed. I am starting with a heavy week. Day 1 (Tues 2nd) consisted of

  • trap bar deadlifts sets of 3 to 3RM
  • yoke 6 x 25m up to max weight
  • romanian deadlifts (4×8) supersetted with walking db lunges (4×6 per leg)

When I woke up yesterday morning I could barely get out of bed however I made it to the gym and did some foam rollering in a vain attempt to make my legs feel normal before attempting Day 2 which was

  • tyre flipping  4×5
  • log press 1×2 up to max
  • individual medley type thing with sand bags and a keg (which is basically getting me used to picking up awkward objects like an atlas stone) until I feel sick.

Tyre flipping was first, now I love flipping tyres, the feeling when it goes up is just amazing. Problem being it only went up and over properly once. Out of 20 attempts. Gutting. The 1 attempt that did go up felt like feathers but 1 out of 20. Sheesh.  So last night I spent an hour watching tyre flipping technique online and from the DOMS I am feeling this morning I am guessing I tried to deadlift 19 out of 20 flips. My feet are deffo too close to the tyre.

Log press was ok, only managed to get up to 42.5kg rather than my pre-holiday 45kg but am still fine about having to attempt 40kg for reps in the competition (not saying I will get lots of reps but should get a few out before collapsing).

The individual medley. Oh my fucking lord. So this is what I had

Individual Medley of awkward heavy objects.

Individual Medley of awkward heavy objects.

I am not exactly sure what the weights are, I think the heaviest is around 40kg. The mission is to pick the object up, run/walk/stagger with it for 20m put it down, run/jog back pick up the next one etc until all objects are at the other end. I did this only 6 times. After the gym I went straight to the supermarket where the lady at the checkout asked if I had just been swimming?!?! (hell no I don’t glow, I sweat).

I woke up this morning and now have upper body DOMS to join my lower body DOMs.The only parts of me that don’t ache are my fingers and toes which is lucky for all you blog readers 😉




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One thought on “Week 1, Day 2. Ouch.

  1. Tara July 5, 2013 at 6:34 am Reply

    I love reading about your training! Our medley sucks. We have a bag that weighs about 25-30kg, which is too easy. The next bag is 75kg, and there’s no way I’m getting that up. Coach brings a special boxing bag just for me – I believe it’s 45kg, but awkward as hell to carry and I feel like I’m constantly tripping over my feet. That’s the only event I don’t like.

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