Pity Party Day 2.

So todays session was a miserable disaster saved by my coach in the last 10 minutes.

It was tyre flipping to start with (most of the session I trained alone), I know I’ve flipped it before, by myself, with no-one around but it seems now a dream and I’m starting to doubt I actually did it.  I can’t get the fucker up. My coach says it’s intent but I want to flip the thing so badly I’m not sure how I can’t have enough intent.

My current nemesis.  I will win. One day.

My current nemesis at 200kg. I will win. One day.

I moved to log press, it felt better than last week but still 42.5kg refused to lock out.  I have in the past got 45kg up so why the hell is 42.5kg not going up. I decided to call it a day and asked my coach if I could have a  session with him tomorrow re-doing this session. He kindly stepped in and looked at my log (of course I managed to lock it out with him watching) and then coached me thru some tyre flips with assistance. My hips were way too high for starters.  Anyway that redeemed the session a little but I didn’t have time to do the individual medley that was scheduled. I have time to go back tonight and finish it or I could do it tomorrow (which was programmed as rest day). Not sure what I will decide. I seem to be self-sabotaging. The nearer the competition is the more pressure I seem to be heaping on myself to do well. I don’t need to do well I just need to do. It’s my first competition, I just have to turn up for it to be a win for me.


One thought on “Pity Party Day 2.

  1. Tara July 16, 2013 at 5:18 pm Reply

    Sometimes I do better when my coach is watching, but sometimes I do better on my own. It’s weird. My gym has a 130kg tyre which is easy peasy but the next one up is 300kg!! No way I’m getting that up.

    I tried the kettlebell clean and press! I forgot we don’t have a 12kg bell for some reason, so I pussied out with the 8kg as it was the very end of my workout. Holy crap. What a good cardio workout! It took me 6.5 minutes but obviously I was using a (too) light weight.

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