Last week and the power of thoughts.

So back to last week, the actual training. The week got better, hurrah. I didn’t train Wednesday as I woke up with lower back ache (maybe from incorrect form with the tyre) and I am paranoid about back pain! It had eased by Thursday evening so  I went and did what I thought at the time was a light session using a belt as a cue to brace correctly.

  • Deadlifts 3x5x70kg 2x5x80kg
  • Zercher Squats 5x10x30kg
  • Farmers walk 8x60mx40kg (each hand)

I say suppose to be light as I woke up with DOMS which I am hoping is coming from finally getting my Zercher Squat technique correct!

Friday. So you know when you are doing an exercise, and feeling pretty pleased with the weight you are using, feeling pretty good, yeah I’m pushing myself etc and then the coach comes and points out you should be using double the weight? Yeah, that. I was doing 5×12 KB shoulder press using 10kg, trying to be strict with no leg involvement and my coach said I should be using 20kg.  However this isn’t a negative criticism, he knows what my goals are and he knows that I sometimes go light on myself. He is just pointing out what I can achieve (no I can’t do even 1 20kg kb should press strict at the moment, but with work one day I will)

Friday workout

  • Kettlebell shoulder press 5x12x10kg
  • Assisted chin ups 11,6,5,6,5 (green band)
  • Floor press 5*8*35
  • Inverted rows 5×12

Earlier in the week (when I wasn’t suffeing from whole body DOMS) I thought how nice it would be to train with my husband. I am really missing training in a group. Luckily my gym has a Saturday morning group conditioning session and we had no kids Saturday so…

” combination of overhead and horizontal pressing movements as well as multiple row andheave variations. Likelihood is that will include rope climbs, rope sled heaves, inverted rows, and chins, plus log press, keg press + press up variations”

It was great fun to train with my husband, even if I do wish he concentrated a little more on what he was doing and a little less on what I was doing! And I got my first rope climb (see previous posts, and no there were no biscuits sellotaped to the ceiling)

So, last week. Mental attitude. NOT GOOD. I feel like I am getting weaker. I am letting my mind control what my body can achieve. I could blame the fact woman have been told for ever that they are the weaker sex, the fairer sex (what does that even mean?), that lifting weights isn’t for females as we don’t want to get bulky, so my natural disposition when I approach a weight is that I can’t do this and be slightly apologetic about the fact. But I don’t think this is the case here. I follow women on facebook who can do 250kg yoke & 65kg log press, I know what women can achieve if they put there mind to it and train.  I do think I am attaching too much importance to this competition and part of me wishes I would have waited rather than just sign right up to the first that came along but patience isn’t a personality trait I own.

This evening I read this article Strong Mind:Thinking Right  and Strong Mind:Haves and Bes both of which I need to put into practice asap.

Do you train with your partner/husband? Do you have any good visualisation or mind trick tips?


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3 thoughts on “Last week and the power of thoughts.

  1. Tara July 22, 2013 at 7:50 am Reply

    Haha that feeling is my life. Here I am thinking I’m doing well at X amount of weight, and then Rob or my coach comes along and tells me I need to lift way more!

    I don’t think waiting for another competition would have done any good. You would still be having these thoughts regardless of what date you picked – we can always be stronger and better, and always want to doubt our current ability. I was watching the video from Saturday’s comp yesterday with Rob and said something along the lines of, I know clumsy old me is going to trip over my own feet doing the carries/farmers. Rob then said there’s no point in thinking negative. He said competing is not about trying to win, but just having fun and preparing for future competitions. I know I want to do this more than once, so this is like a practice round. If I put too much pressure on the comp, it’s likely to end miserably!

    • Helen Rothwell July 25, 2013 at 4:04 pm Reply

      Yes you are right, I would never think I was actually ready unless I was going to win! I think it’s because I am doing the lighter version of the weights (it’s a two tier comp i.e. the log press will be 40kg and 65kg, the yoke will be at 150kg and 190kg) and I STILL can’t do them all I am feeling down on myself. However I’ve only been training this way for 6 months, so I should just see this as an easing into the water, a baseline from which I can only improve!!

  2. Tara July 22, 2013 at 8:07 am Reply

    I just wrote a big long comment and it deleted it! Grrr the gist was that I started thinking negatively yesterday after seeing some of the women I’m up against. As usual, Rob talked some sense into me. He said I can’t compete expecting to win. I’m competing to challenge myself, and prepare for future competitions. Instead of thinking of all the things that could go wrong, I’m thinking of this as a warm up or practice.

    Even if you had waited for a later comp, you would still have the same thoughts of not being ready. We are our own worst critics and sometimes you just have to tell your mind to shut up and get on with it!

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