Apologies for raising your blood pressure in advance..

Todays session was

  • Banded Deadlifts 8x3x60kg
  • Axle Cleans 1x6x30, 4x6x35kg, 1x6x37.5kg
  • Sled Drags  4x50mx70kg  2x50mx80kg

My legs felt like jelly after the sled drags but I love trying to sprint (a ha ha ha ha) at a 45 degree angle. I feel like The Flash in slowmotion…..

For cardio I played a lot of football with my kids in the gorgeous sunshine this afternoon.

It must be a full moon as it’s a bad week for fuckwittery, here is

FitJerk How to Tell Your Girlfriend she needs to lose weight

I think I would have more respect if he just said “hey, here’s an article about giving your partner a complex and trying to bully her into having a flat stomach”. He equates health with what he regards as hotness. HEALTH AND BODY SIZE ARE NOT THE SAME THING.

And here is the OK Magazine about Kates fitness regime. She hadn’t even left hospital with the baby when this cover hit the stands.

Fuckwittery of the highest order

My simple reaction was fucking twats.

Better responses can be found here

OK Magazine still hates Woman

OK Magazine vs Kate aka new mothers everywhere  (and I agree Kate’s Personal Trainer should be ASHAMED)



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4 thoughts on “Apologies for raising your blood pressure in advance..

  1. Gingerzingi July 25, 2013 at 8:14 pm Reply

    The only thing that saves my sanity when I see this kind of fuckwittery is that I believe a lot of it is merely for the notoriety and attention it will get. Print and web magazines (the trashy ones) have known for a long time that they can get fabulous stats to show their advertisers by printing something outrageous. I think that most of the time, no one on the staff of the magazine believes what they’re writing, or even thinks it’s accurate or truthful at all. I don’t know about Fitjerk; he might just be a jerk.

    There’s something about the Internet – the anonymity I suppose – that causes people to spout the most vile hatefulness in comments and in forums. It’s become a game or a contest, to see how despicable they can be and how much uproar and condemnation they can cause. I suspect that was at least partly the case with the Cheerios commercial (don’t know if you’ve seen it: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/31/cheerios-commercial-racist-backlash_n_3363507.html) with all the racist comments. I’m not suggesting the U.S. doesn’t have a problem with racism, but I think interracial marriage is commonly accepted across most of the population and doesn’t cause much of a kerfuffle for most people. I think this was partially – maybe mostly – a case of people just being jackasses because they thought it was funny.

    That doesn’t make it any better, because they are still putting that hatefulness out there and still affecting people.

    On another topic, great work on today’s session!

    • Helen Rothwell July 26, 2013 at 5:13 pm Reply

      That is a great blog post, and so true. I didn’t realise either it would take so long to, erm, deflate after I had my first.

  2. Julie Draper July 28, 2013 at 3:01 pm Reply

    Interesting how they were fairly quick to apologise…
    And picking up on your first link…I borrowed a copy of Woman’s Fitness from a friend last week. I had to give it back pretty quickly because I was getting really f**ked off with the entirely mixed messages it was giving!! How to make women feel bad about their body, while posing as a magazine to make women feel good about their body. Grrr!!!

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