Every year I have a fitness goal. Several years ago it was triathlons. Fun, but I hate running. Last year it was a 10 mile mud run called Turbo X. Fun, but still running. Which I hate. 2012 was to do unassisted chin ups, failed miserably (still trying however and biceps looking good).  2013 I would like to enter a strongwoman type competition.

This is my diary of how I get to that point. I also happen to be a 37 year old mother of 2 who both adores and hates motherhood in equal measures so I am sure my children will appear in the blog from time to time.

I don’t need to lose weight (and I am not size 10 with visible abs).  I do need to feel alive at 4pm still, clear up my skin, sleep well, feel great and love myself. These things are what is important to me.  I want people to realise you do not have to have a flat stomach to be healthy, worthy of love or like yourself.

Despite my profession I am not a naturally fit and healthy person it’s something I have to work at. I am hoping this blog will give me some accountability and some space to air some thoughts, not all of them compatible with how you might think a PT thinks and acts – but we are only human.

P.s If anyone reading this has a blog which talks about strongwoman or lifting then please leave a comment with the blog address as I would love to read it.

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