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One step nearer my goal.

Yesterday I had another coached session at the gym, having covered deadlift, squat, bench press and military press previously he suggested we look at some Strongman events which got a resounding yes from me! This is what we did

Yoke – 50/90/110/130Kg


Farmers Walk 30/40/60 (failed)/50

Duck walk 30/40/50/60kg

Basically you put plates on it and carry it between your legs. No it isn’t very dignified.

Strongman dumbbell press (improvised with normal dumbbell and fatz grips)  5kg 7.5 (managed on right but not left).

It was a fun session and showed me how much work I need to do before I can enter a comp. But that’s ok, I’m only 37 there is always next year, I just need to keep getting stronger this year.

Today was just me on my own and I did squats, I have to admit I am a little pathetic about squats, they hurt in my hips so I don’t like going heavy. I did manage 5 singles @ 50kg and then 5×5 @35kg but really should be aiming much higher than this.

I’m quietly happy with this weeks exercise, 2 solo sessions, 1 group training and 1 coached. Plus the 100 push ups (knees!) on Wednesday when I was not able to get to the gym. I do sometimes feel as if I don’t push myself hard enough by myself but I am the only one who can fix that.

Weekend off, DrT working and my body aches everywhere.

Some blog posts I have enjoyed this week

I love reading blogs so if you have read a good post comment below so I can have a look over the weekend.

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