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Average Mum.

Wow. What a day.  With ups and downs and a medal at the end.

It was a long day.

Event 1 – Zercher Squat.  I got up to 105kg which is a 15kg pb for me, so I am moderately pleased with that but oh my god, there were girls in the U75kg category lifting twice their body weight. It was awesome to watch.

Event 2 – Log press AMRAP 40kg 75secs . I wasn’t nervous of this event until I got there and saw the size of the log. It was a beast, about twice the width I am used to pressing. I decided to clean it during warm up but not press it as if I had failed the press it would have messed with my mind for the actual event. In the end I finished the event beaming as I managed 8 reps in 75 seconds.

Event 3 – Sandbag medley over 20m 35kg,40kg,45kg,50g,60kg 75secs max time.  I was looking forward to this once I had heard the sandbags were solid (SO much easier to carry) and knew I probably wouldn’t have much difficulty picking them up (I have long arms!) but unfortunately my speed let me down a little as I didn’t manage to get the 60kg over the bar in time.

Sandbag Medley.

Event 4 – Rope pull and then drag 100kg over 20m. This was head to head, a format which works for me. Whilst I lost the head to head I knew my time would be better than if I had done it alone or against someone slower than me.  I need to practice my technique for this event.

I then found out at this stage I was placed 2nd. Which meant I went head to head with the girl in first for the farmers walk. Only I didn’t even manage to pick it up.

Event 5 – Farmers Walk. Jesus I think I had psyched myself out of this before it had even begun. I have picked up and walked with 65kg before (not far) but my legs were fried by this time and the handles were lower than I usually practice with. I just couldn’t get the weight up. I was so FUCKED OFF with myself. I was the only one not to do this event at all. I had to go outside for a few minutes and compose* myself  (*swear loudly and kick things)

Farmers walk being set up. Low handles!

Farmers walk being set up. Low handles!

Event 6 – Wobble hold. By this time it was LATE, the organisers decided the only people to do this event would be those whose placement would change if they won/lost it (does that make sense?) anyway after the Farmer Walk disaster I was placed joint 3 so would have to do the wobble hold to determine who got the medal. I was quite lucky it was the wobble hold that was the decider as the lady I was up against could have kicked my butt at any lower body event.

Wobble hold. 48kg each side.

Anyway I used all the pent up frustration over the farmers walk and took some words of friendly advice and went to my happy place (it involves pimms, sunshine and no children). I won. I got a medal.

(L-R) Claire (2nd) , Me (3rd), Anna (1st) I bascially grinned like this for the rest of the evening.

(L-R) Claire (2nd) , Me (3rd), Anna (1st) I bascially grinned like this for the rest of the evening.

I learnt a lot from this competition, but that’s for another post.

What about the title of this blog post? During the competition I got talking to a man who remarked that I didn’t look like I fit in at the competition – that I just look like an average mum. He didn’t mean this in a horrible way, I think it was almost a compliment.  I am an average mum, I have a 2 & 5 year old and my main job is looking after them, but inbetween? I lift heavy 😉

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