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Average Mum.

Wow. What a day.  With ups and downs and a medal at the end.

It was a long day.

Event 1 – Zercher Squat.  I got up to 105kg which is a 15kg pb for me, so I am moderately pleased with that but oh my god, there were girls in the U75kg category lifting twice their body weight. It was awesome to watch.

Event 2 – Log press AMRAP 40kg 75secs . I wasn’t nervous of this event until I got there and saw the size of the log. It was a beast, about twice the width I am used to pressing. I decided to clean it during warm up but not press it as if I had failed the press it would have messed with my mind for the actual event. In the end I finished the event beaming as I managed 8 reps in 75 seconds.

Event 3 – Sandbag medley over 20m 35kg,40kg,45kg,50g,60kg 75secs max time.  I was looking forward to this once I had heard the sandbags were solid (SO much easier to carry) and knew I probably wouldn’t have much difficulty picking them up (I have long arms!) but unfortunately my speed let me down a little as I didn’t manage to get the 60kg over the bar in time.

Sandbag Medley.

Event 4 – Rope pull and then drag 100kg over 20m. This was head to head, a format which works for me. Whilst I lost the head to head I knew my time would be better than if I had done it alone or against someone slower than me.  I need to practice my technique for this event.

I then found out at this stage I was placed 2nd. Which meant I went head to head with the girl in first for the farmers walk. Only I didn’t even manage to pick it up.

Event 5 – Farmers Walk. Jesus I think I had psyched myself out of this before it had even begun. I have picked up and walked with 65kg before (not far) but my legs were fried by this time and the handles were lower than I usually practice with. I just couldn’t get the weight up. I was so FUCKED OFF with myself. I was the only one not to do this event at all. I had to go outside for a few minutes and compose* myself  (*swear loudly and kick things)

Farmers walk being set up. Low handles!

Farmers walk being set up. Low handles!

Event 6 – Wobble hold. By this time it was LATE, the organisers decided the only people to do this event would be those whose placement would change if they won/lost it (does that make sense?) anyway after the Farmer Walk disaster I was placed joint 3 so would have to do the wobble hold to determine who got the medal. I was quite lucky it was the wobble hold that was the decider as the lady I was up against could have kicked my butt at any lower body event.

Wobble hold. 48kg each side.

Anyway I used all the pent up frustration over the farmers walk and took some words of friendly advice and went to my happy place (it involves pimms, sunshine and no children). I won. I got a medal.

(L-R) Claire (2nd) , Me (3rd), Anna (1st) I bascially grinned like this for the rest of the evening.

(L-R) Claire (2nd) , Me (3rd), Anna (1st) I bascially grinned like this for the rest of the evening.

I learnt a lot from this competition, but that’s for another post.

What about the title of this blog post? During the competition I got talking to a man who remarked that I didn’t look like I fit in at the competition – that I just look like an average mum. He didn’t mean this in a horrible way, I think it was almost a compliment.  I am an average mum, I have a 2 & 5 year old and my main job is looking after them, but inbetween? I lift heavy 😉

Week 1, Day 2. Ouch.

I am aiming for 4 gym sessions a week before the comp so I am doing a 2 week programme 3 times. If that makes sense. One week will concentrate on weight whilst the next will be speed. I am starting with a heavy week. Day 1 (Tues 2nd) consisted of

  • trap bar deadlifts sets of 3 to 3RM
  • yoke 6 x 25m up to max weight
  • romanian deadlifts (4×8) supersetted with walking db lunges (4×6 per leg)

When I woke up yesterday morning I could barely get out of bed however I made it to the gym and did some foam rollering in a vain attempt to make my legs feel normal before attempting Day 2 which was

  • tyre flipping  4×5
  • log press 1×2 up to max
  • individual medley type thing with sand bags and a keg (which is basically getting me used to picking up awkward objects like an atlas stone) until I feel sick.

Tyre flipping was first, now I love flipping tyres, the feeling when it goes up is just amazing. Problem being it only went up and over properly once. Out of 20 attempts. Gutting. The 1 attempt that did go up felt like feathers but 1 out of 20. Sheesh.  So last night I spent an hour watching tyre flipping technique online and from the DOMS I am feeling this morning I am guessing I tried to deadlift 19 out of 20 flips. My feet are deffo too close to the tyre.

Log press was ok, only managed to get up to 42.5kg rather than my pre-holiday 45kg but am still fine about having to attempt 40kg for reps in the competition (not saying I will get lots of reps but should get a few out before collapsing).

The individual medley. Oh my fucking lord. So this is what I had

Individual Medley of awkward heavy objects.

Individual Medley of awkward heavy objects.

I am not exactly sure what the weights are, I think the heaviest is around 40kg. The mission is to pick the object up, run/walk/stagger with it for 20m put it down, run/jog back pick up the next one etc until all objects are at the other end. I did this only 6 times. After the gym I went straight to the supermarket where the lady at the checkout asked if I had just been swimming?!?! (hell no I don’t glow, I sweat).

I woke up this morning and now have upper body DOMS to join my lower body DOMs.The only parts of me that don’t ache are my fingers and toes which is lucky for all you blog readers 😉



Some things you just shouldn’t admit in public. Never mind writing it down.

When I do the log press in the gym I get out two tyres to rest it on inbetween sets/reps whatever I am doing.

When I eventually clear up and put the tyres back where they belong this is what I imagine I look like…

Hands up who remembers this advert?

I have no idea why I imagine I am a man, topless, covered in grease I think it’s because I want his arms. Anyway it makes me giggle to myself.

Also my Princess of Power t-shirt came today.

Have told my husband I am going to cut off the sleeves so you can see my arms. He thinks I'm joking.

Have told my husband I am going to cut off the sleeves so you can see my arms. He thinks I’m joking.

Anyway back to the strongman training stuff. I was really pleased with my session on Monday. After a kick ass session on Saturday I knew I was just not pushing myself hard enough when I trained solo. I am lazy by nature. So on Monday I did the following session
Over head press
Assisted (green band) chinup
Assisted (red band) press ups
AMRAP 35kg log press 1min
Also some squat rehab thingies (no idea what you would call them, they are bodyweight squats with a band around the knees to make sure you push your knees out enough) with black band 5×10
Was quite pleased with the session. Of course I can always do better….

My gym is starting a new Strongman Training Class (mixture of event training and conditioning work) on Saturday at 11.30. Unfortunately I can’t make any of the June classes but will be on it for July. The gym I go to is SO friendly and welcoming (as long as you don’t want cardio machines) if it’s something you have been thinking about doing I say GO FOR IT!!!


Fuck the thigh gap I pressed a 45kg log this evening, now that was a thing of beauty.

Ahem. It’s sentences like that which get me search terms such as “publik fuken” (I actually went on google and used that search term, I wasn’t in the first 6 pages so someone obviously had a lot of free time on their hands).

It was Strength and Conditioning Class evening tonight and we did a circuit of log press, axel and dumbell snatch (1 rep of each, weight going up each time). Then when we had maxed out on weight we dropped them and went for AMRAP in 1 minute for 30kg log press, 25kg axel and (for me) 15kg dumbell. That was done twice, by which time I was a sweaty mess and this thought kept popping into my head

I’ve probably used this ecard before. I love it.

I also bought a handbag

I dream of the day I only have to carry a purse, diary, keys and phone. Until then….

I’m not a shoe person, my husband has my shoes than me, however I do like handbags.

Two PBs, a handbag and nearly the end of half term. It was a good day.

Boast about your awesome moments this week in the comments section below.

The day I went to watch my first StrongWoman Competition.

So on Saturday I went and watched my first StrongWoman competition, the Royal Counties Festival of Strength 2013 held at the BCA lambing weekend (which by the way even if you aren’t interested in Strongman competitions is a great day out for the family).

I didn’t get to watch the whole lot as I wasn’t able to fob the kids off on anyone and they wanted to see the cool stuff like huge spiders and blue scorpions.

IMAG5827 IMAG5829

However I did get to watch 3 events.

  • Landrover pull
  • log press  (45kg, 55kg, 62kg reps in 75 secs)
  • Deadlift (110kg reps in 75kg)

Holy Shit some of these women can lift heavy. There was a lady who did the 62kg log press, for reps. And made it looks easy.  The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming and it’s always lovely to find a sport where the competitors are laughing with each other and shouting for each other during the events.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos as I bribed A (4) with screen time as I watched the events. Luckily E found it as exciting as I did and was shouting COME ON as loud as her little lungs would let her.

Part of me wishes I had had the guts to enter this one, I am under no illusion I would have come near the bottom (ok the bottom) but that would not have been the point. I need to women up.

The rest of the day was not so successful my pushchair broke, it alternated between raining and sunshine, E was scared of Fireman Sam, they both fell asleep in the car (bedtime nightmare). When we got home E (2) kept letting go of her helium balloon and then climbing on things to get it. So I popped it. I KNOW. It was the sort of day that when I was watching How I Met Your Mother with a large glass of wine the phrase ““Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a mom. I want to leave in the middle of the night and not come back.” From Lily’s mouth made me start crying.

Tomorrow is Monday. For those of you who follow me in twitter know, I FREAKIN LOVE MONDAYS. Today we are all having a quiet day, we have painted, we have bathed, we have made popcorn and watched films. Collecting ourselves. Tomorrow is a new day, it is a Monday and I am going to meet it head on.

Well that's one less item on my bucket list...

Well that’s one less item on my bucket list…

Last thoughts on bikini….

First the exercise stuff, I got a 40kg log press at the Thursday evening S&C class which I am very chuffed with, onwards and upwards to the big boy log (50kg). It was because of the encouragement of the coach and the other participants I got it and why I think that if you are a bit meh about exercise finding the (right) class, group, partner to share it with can help with motivation.  I am 37 and have spent (17) years finding exercises I enjoy doing. If you don’t like the first thing you try (usually running) don’t give up try something else. There is a place for everything, even Zumba.

I think I got my mojo back as well, I walked out of the gym on Wednesday feeling great. I am hoping the freezing weather is finally fucking off.

This week has been ok on the exercise front I completely avoided squats but got the bench press and military press done. Deadlifts were scheduled yesterday but on one of the lifts I twinged something in my back. As I am paranoid about getting a back injury I stopped, did a few half hearted assisted chin ups/dips (I hate it when the session in my mind doesn’t turn out right) and left. My lovely husband ran me a very hot bath to help however within 2 minutes my 2 year old wanted to come in accompanied by 3 ducks and 5 boats….

It’s that time of the year where thoughts turn to bikinis (I have already mentioned it here) and every magazine has the bikini ready diet (actually I have no idea if they do as I don’t read them anymore but I would be surprised if they don’t). There are several body positive memes going round at the moment such as the following:

Image thanks to @fitvillains Chichi Kix 2 steps to a bikini ready bod. Pretty simple stuff if you ask me. 🙂 #bodylove #bikinimadness pic.twitter.com/LPn3jnJwSo

Which is of course how it should be. Personally I prefer to use the word awesome, despite not being an American teenager.

I was driving to Tesco for red wine when I started to wonder why do I want to wear a bikini so much? Why do we attach so much importance to wearing a bikini? Come autumn I don’t think bloody hell it’s skinny jeans time maybe I should lose some weight on my legs! So what is this yearly obsession we seem to have with wearing into a bikini?

  • Do I think it’s a sign of youth? (no)
  • Am I still chasing the rays despite the the dangers? (no, I even pull on a t-shirt at slightest hint of burn)
  • Do I want other people to look at me and think there is no way she is 37 with 2 kids? (a ha ha ha ha, no felt like this before kids and I don’t think I’m 37 anyway)

So I thought about this some more and still couldn’t work out why I would rather, if possible, wear a bikini. There are no obvious advantages to wearing a bikini over a swimsuit. In fact you are more likely to lose bikini tops/bottoms and as there is more flesh on show more chance of sun burn/skin damage. What is this obsession with wearing a bikini, the only thing it flashes that a swimsuit doesn’t is the stomach and I don’t really have any problems with wearing a swimsuit (as long as I don’t have to look at myself in a changing room mirror, and they aren’t usually found on the beach). Someone on Twitter remarked that this angst over bikini season is quite UK centric, that they haven’t found the same obsession in Germany or Holland. I don’t know is this is true or not, but if it is it would be interesting to find out why. However I also realise this is the third time I have referenced wearing a swimsuit/bikini in a blog post. Which is boring both for you and me and I won’t be doing it again thanks to an epiphany on the way to Tesco. Odd.

Links to blogs this week I liked

Right it’s Sunday and the SUN looks like it is finally making an appearance. I hope you are all having a good weekend.  My question today is what is your favourite word to describe yourself?

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