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Prepare yourself to be jealous….

…ok I remember saying a few posts back that I was more a handbag person than a shoe person. That still stands but BUT my husband (who is an awesome present buyer) has just got me these

Yes, they are Wonder Woman converse….

I can’t WAIT to have them on my feet! Can I wear the She-Ra t-shirt AND my wonder woman shoes in the same outfit? Would that just be TOO MUCH heroine?

You would think the day couldn’t get much better but I have also had an awesome programme designed for the next 6 weeks before competition and I did the first session today where I hit  160kg yoke for 20m (yes my achilles hurt but we won’t go there for the moment). So pleased as might be able to attempt the 190kg yoke at the competition if training continues to go well.

What new PBs have you all hit recently?

Setting up a creche in the gym carpark….

So today I took the kids to the gym, Friday I took a hangover and today I took the kids. I don’t recommend either to be honest but sometimes needs must.
Usually if I have no childcare then I won’t go to the gym but it’s Saturday morning and I’m pretty lax about TV watching on Saturday morning so I thought instead of watching TV at home they might as well watch it in the back of the car whilst I get a session in!

This is what my kids did.

Watching TV in the car eating breadsticks.

Watching TV in the car eating breadsticks.

This is what I did

A yoke - it should be about 130kg

A yoke – it should be about 130kg

This is what they got for being good

Choosing comics. We were there a while.

Choosing comics. We were there a while.

It’s not bribery, it’s reward….

It was a good session, after the yoke I took the smaller tyre (not the 200kg) and flipped it back and forth down the car park a few times to get the heart rate up.

So yes yesterday I had a hangover, after 2 glasses of wine (250ml each!) on Thursday night. Such a lightweight. I knew I wanted to go the gym even with a hangover but wasn’t sure I would be much use once there. However it turned into a productive little session, I concentrated on bench press which I don’t really have time for at the moment with event training, deadlifting, military pressing and trying to get used to squatting again. I only learnt how to bench properly (well the powerlifter way anyway) this year and I enjoy the challenge of trying to get my body into the correct position and using my legs to generate force. I am definitely still learning but enjoying the process. I was pleased that my previous PB felt easy but didn’t dare use more weight as had no spotter and didn’t feel like causing myself to have an injury this close to my holiday.

Some news from the competition, we are allowed to use straps and belts. I don’t use straps and belts for training, I like seeing what I can do with no help, however they are (or at least can be) performance enhancers. If this is a competition shouldn’t I be using every advantage I can?

One step nearer my goal.

Yesterday I had another coached session at the gym, having covered deadlift, squat, bench press and military press previously he suggested we look at some Strongman events which got a resounding yes from me! This is what we did

Yoke – 50/90/110/130Kg


Farmers Walk 30/40/60 (failed)/50

Duck walk 30/40/50/60kg

Basically you put plates on it and carry it between your legs. No it isn’t very dignified.

Strongman dumbbell press (improvised with normal dumbbell and fatz grips)  5kg 7.5 (managed on right but not left).

It was a fun session and showed me how much work I need to do before I can enter a comp. But that’s ok, I’m only 37 there is always next year, I just need to keep getting stronger this year.

Today was just me on my own and I did squats, I have to admit I am a little pathetic about squats, they hurt in my hips so I don’t like going heavy. I did manage 5 singles @ 50kg and then 5×5 @35kg but really should be aiming much higher than this.

I’m quietly happy with this weeks exercise, 2 solo sessions, 1 group training and 1 coached. Plus the 100 push ups (knees!) on Wednesday when I was not able to get to the gym. I do sometimes feel as if I don’t push myself hard enough by myself but I am the only one who can fix that.

Weekend off, DrT working and my body aches everywhere.

Some blog posts I have enjoyed this week

I love reading blogs so if you have read a good post comment below so I can have a look over the weekend.

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